Taking a Hiatus

Hello loyal followers and newcomers. My apologies for not posting any reviews or editorials in the last couple months.  I felt the need to let you know that I’m currently back in school and have recently started a new job as a reporter for my college newspaper.  Needless to say, I’m extremely busy at the … More Taking a Hiatus

Doctor Strange Comic-Con Trailer

More and more trailers have been rolling out of Comic-Con International 2016, and one of them is the highly anticipated Doctor Strange trailer from Marvel Studios. The trailer features former surgeon Stephen Strange(Benedict Cumberbatch), discovering a new world beyond the mundane in which he knows.  Being taught by the Ancient One(Tilda Swinton) and her veteran … More Doctor Strange Comic-Con Trailer

Justice League Comic-Con 2016 Trailer

Warner Brothers and DC Comics just released the first trailer of the upcoming Justice League movie and Comic-Con International 2016. In the trailer, we see Batman(Ben Affleck) round-up the other confirmed members of the flagship DC superhero team.  Which include Wonder Woman(Gal Godot), Flash(Ezra Miller), Auquaman(Jason Momoa), and Cyborg(Ray Fisher). The lighter tone of the movie … More Justice League Comic-Con 2016 Trailer

Roland Emmerich Calls Marvel Movies “Silly”

When Bryan Singer’s X-Men rolled out into cinemas in 2000, it was clear that the director and the studio took liberties, particularly with the costumes, to make the Marvel franchise more accessible to a wider audience.  Since then, the average movie goers suspension of disbelief has grown accustomed to the insanity that is the comic … More Roland Emmerich Calls Marvel Movies “Silly”