Chicago Comic Book Store Tour

Live in Chicago and want to start reading comic books but don’t know where or how to start? Overwhelmed or intimidated by the plethora of information and continuity available online? Need someone to talk one-on-one with to grasp this world? Maybe you’re in town for a week and don’t want to risk your local comic book store selling out of what you’re reading and want to explore some different stores?

Down below is a list of various comic book stores scattered throughout the Windy City. While digital comics are here to stay and Amazon, the juggernaut online-book store, is incredibly convenient, nothing can take away from the experience of the local comic book store. There a great place to get the latest tips on what to look forward to and receive recommendations. You can also build strong friendships with others who share the same interests.    

Graham Cracker Loop 2
Graham Cracker Comics
77 E. Madison St., Chicago, IL. 60602
Neighborhood: Loop
Graham Cracker Lakeview 2
Graham Cracker Comics
3162 N Broadway, Chicago, IL, 60614
Neighborhood: Lakeview
Graham Cracker Edgewater 3
Graham Cracker Comics
5443 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL, 60640
Neighborhood: Edgewater


Chicago Comics Inc 3
Chicago Comics Inc
3244 North Clark St., Chicago, IL, 60657
Neighborhood: Lakeview


Dark Tower Comics 2
Dark Tower Comics
4835 North Western Ave., Chicago, IL, 60625
Neighborhood: Lincoln Square


Allycat Comics 2
Alleycat Comics
5304 N Clark St., Chicago, IL, 60640
Neighborhood: Andersonville
Challengers 2
1845 N Western Ave., Chicago, IL, 60647
Neighborhood: Bucktown


G-Mart Comics
2641 N. Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL, 60647
Neighborhood: Logan Square

Written and photos by Eric Bradach



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