Flashpoint Coming to CW’s DC-Verse

Note: This contains spoilers for the ending of Flash season 2.

The final episode of the hit CW series, The Flash, saw Barry Allen travel back in time to save his mother’s life.  Upon his return, DC’s premier speedster found a world that was very different from the one he left.  Those familiar with the comics all knew that this was hinting at an adaptation of the famous storyline, Flashpoint.

The results of Flashpoint effected the entire DC Universe as a whole,causing a reboot and the launch of the New 52.

Earlier today(June 20, 2016), Grant Gustin, the CW’s Flash himself tweeted out

“FLASHPOINT. This is not drill.”

The idea of using time travel to effect the continuity of the series makes complete sense, considering it was announced earlier this year that CBS’s Supergirl will be moving to the CW and crossing over with the rest of the CW DC-Verse.

Written by Eric Bradach



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