Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 Review

Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 Writer: Nick Spencer Artist: Jesus Saiz Letters: Joe Caramagna Publisher: Marvel Note: This review will reveal spoilers as it’s necessary in order to properly discuss. For nearly 2 years now, the mantel of Captain America has been held by Sam Wilson, formally known as Falcon.  He took up the challenge after … More Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 Review

Joyride #2 Review

Joyride #2 Writer: Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly Pencils: Marcus To Colors: Irma Kniivila Letters: Jim Campbell Publisher: Boom Studios After an incredibly strong start and seamlessly positive reviews, Boom Studios announced that Joyride will be turning into an ongoing series.  I for one was overcome with joy because even though I had a blast … More Joyride #2 Review

Extraordinary X-Men #10 Review

Extraordinary X-Men #10 Writer: Jeff Lemire Pencils: Humberto Ramos Colors: Edgar Delgado Letters: Joe Caramagna Publisher: Marvel The Apocalypse Wars continue here, in writer Jeff Lemire’s Extraordinary X-Men #10.  Colossus and his young team of X-Men were tracking a recent appearance of 600 new mutants in Japan.  They then discovered they were artificially created mutant … More Extraordinary X-Men #10 Review

Mae #1 Review

Mae#1 Writer: Gene Ha Pencils: Gene Ha Colors: Gene Ha and Rose McClain  Letters: Zandre Cannon Publisher Dark Horse Comics After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Gene Ha got the funds and backing he needed to bring his original creation to Dark Horse Comics, Mae. As just a youth, Abbie discovered a portal to another dimension. … More Mae #1 Review