Spider-Woman #6 Review

Spider-Woman #6
Writer: Dennis Hopeless
Pencils: Joelle Jones
Colors: Rachelle Rosenberg
Letters: Travis Lanham
Publisher: Marvel

The 4th installment of the Spider-Women event of 2016 is here in Spider-Woman #6.  After a simple brunch date with Gwen Stacy(Spider-Gwen) and Cindy Moon(Silk) turns into an afternoon of super-heroics, Jessica Drew along with Silk become stuck in Gwen’s Earth-65.  Thanks to Gwen’s inter-dimensional watch being stolen amongst the commotion.  Cindy heads off on an adventure of her own to find her family’s doppelgangers and discovers that it’s her Earth-65 counterpart who is behind all this, along with her agency called SILK.

Meanwhile, determined to get back to her Earth-616 and her new born son, Jessica recruited the help of this universe’s Reed Richards(who in fact is a 13 year old kid) to create another way for her to return home.  After discovering that the person who stole the inter-dimensional watch was her very own doppelganger, Ms. Drew decided to pay them a visit at take matters into her own hands.

The issues opening lets us know right away that Jessica’s Earth-65’s counterpart’s life is very different then hers.  Not only are they possibly on the other side of the law but they also seem to have a very stable life, considering the nice house in an upper-middle class neighborhood.  We find out very quickly that they’re married, have kids, oh…and they’re also a man.  That’s right, Jessica’s doppelganger is named Jesse Drew.

It turns into an undercover spy story and becomes reminiscent of a scene from Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill, maybe not quite as violent and gruesome though.  We once again see Jessica’s motherly instincts come into fruition and has respect for anyone barring the reasonability of raising children.  I really like this moment as it shows how much having a kid has developed Jessica, she’s grown, matured, and coming more into her own.  One has to ask whether she is conflicting in her head to either stay in the superhero game, or retire to dedicate 100% of her time to motherhood.

The closing pages are great and play up the whole theme of Jessica becoming a mentor to Cindy and Gwen with a humorous twist.

I’m unfamiliar with Joelle Jones’ work.  After viewing it for the first time I can say that it’s not bad.  She puts in some nice detail, the scenery and body figures are realistic and proportionate.  The action scenes convey the feeling of movement and carry momentum from panel to panel.  However this is another artist who seems to lack variety when it comes to character designs.  All the charters have the same figures and similar faces to an extent.  Nowhere is this more clear then the scenes between Jessica and her doppelgangers wife and the splash page digressing from the main story to show what Gwen and Cindy are up to.

Final Verdict

Spider-Woman #6 is a solid entry into this Spider-Women cross-over.  It not only furthers the story but increases the readers investment in a character and fleshes out her internal struggles.  Jessica Drew is written as a likable woman who you want to see succeed and get her life back on track.  The art unfortunately can be off at times what with the similarities between the different characters but it’s not too distracting to take away from the story.

Score: 3.5 out of 5

Review by Eric Bradach


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