X-Men Apocalypse Final Trailer

20th Century Fox just released its 3rd and final trailer for the upcoming X-Men Apocalypse movie.

Surprise, surprise, the trailer is very heavy on Mystique who’s being played by Jennifer Lawrence.  In the trailer we see that she takes the helm in leading this young team of X-Men against the world’s first mutant.

This trailer brings a radically different tone compared to the previous ones.  The first two trailers had a very dim and dire feel to them and this one has more of an action oriented vibe to it with the advent of “Hey Man Nice Shot” by Filter.

We also get a sense that Apocalypse’s four horsemen may not be driven by mind-control.  Rather it’s a matter of agreeing with the ideology of “survival of the fittest” as evident from a clip of a conversation between Erik(Magneto) and Charles(Professor Xavier).

The trailers final shot also reveals what everyone was suspecting to see, Wolverine.

X-Men: Apocalypse can be seen in theaters on May 27th, 2016.


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