Silk #7 Review

Silk #7
Writer: Robbie Thompson
Pencils: Tana Ford
Colors: Ian Herring
Letters: Travis Lanham
Publisher: Marvel

It’s the third installment of the Spider-Women cross-over event of 2016 and boy does this one pack an emotional punch.

Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman), Gwen Stacy (Spider-Gwen), and Cindy Moon (Silk), were on a harmless brunch date in Gwen’s Earth-65 when suddenly an unknown giant robot called the Super Adaptoid attacked.  Putting innocent civilians at risk, the super-heroine trio suited up and took down the mechanical villain.  However during the scuffle, a mysterious figure in the shadows stole Gwen’s inter-dimentional travel watch, causing Jessica and Cindy to be trapped and away from their universe.  That’s not all unfortunately, as Jessica has a new born son back home.  The three sprung into action trying to solve the case but when Cindy realized this is a place with alternate counterparts, she slipped away from the group in search of her family.

Writer Robbie Thompson opens the issue with Cindy arriving at her parents house in Earth-65.  She’s clearly nervous about revealing herself to them and is also surprised that they are not only happy but alive as well.  Hesitant at first, she can’t pass up this opportunity and decides to ring the door bell and impersonate her Earth-65 counterpart.  I won’t spoil how the parents and brother react to seeing her but I will say that it’s rather dramatic and heartbreaking.

This scene is intriguing for someone, like myself, who is unaware of Cindy Moon’s origin and history.  It brings up a slew of questions such as are Silk’s family dead in her universe?  Are only some of them dead?  If so, how did they die?  Are her parents separated?  Is her family broken up?  These are all compelling questions that makes me want to delve into her back issues.

The latter half of this issue turns into an undercover spy story as Cindy impersonates as her Earth-65 counterpart.  If you’ve read the Spider-Women Alpha #1 issue which started this event and remember the reveal at the end, you can take a good guess as to what happens here.  We also see a character who was introduced in the Spider-Woman Alpha issue and I won’t give it away but it’s kind of obvious who he ends up being.  However it does give a nice and clever spin on a classic Spider villain.

Artwork in this book is done by penciler Tana Ford and colorist Ian Herring and it’s a fairly good fit.  Ford is able to capture the feeling of shock and surprise as well as anxiety and jitters when Cindy confronts her Earth-65 family.  There are some solid detail in some of the panels and the action scenes do feel energetic.  However there are a few spotlights, particularly in the backgrounds where detail is sorely lacking.  Where it’s just a plain one color walls and floor, it just comes off as lazy.

Final Verdict

Silk #7 does a solid job of giving Cindy Moon some character growth as she searches for her identity.  Her desire to make amends it seems with her family is genuine and delivers the emotional sympathy for Cindy that Thompson was going for.  The latter half of this issue is a bit of a downer as the overall plot of this cross-over feels like it’s dragging along.  However that might be because the first half was so well done.  Either way this issue didn’t take away my investment in the overall story and I’m still intrigued to see what happens next, in Spider-Woman #6 next week.

Score: 3.5 out of 5

Review by Eric Bradach



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