Spider-Gwen #7 Review

Spider-Gwen #7
Writer: Jason Latour
Pencils: Bengal
Colors: Rico Renzi
Letters: Clayton Cowles
Publisher: Marvel

The second chapter of the Spider-Women event is here.  Spider-Gwen #7, which for some reason is missing the Radioactive tagline, which was given post to this Secret Wars volume to differentiate from the pre Secret Wars volume, which will cause confusion for new comers, etc etc etc.

This issue picks up where Spider-Women Alpha left off when Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman) and Cindy Moon (Silk) were trapped in Gwen Stacy’s (Spider-Gwen) Earth-65.  After a simple brunch date turned into super-heroics with an encounter with the Super Adaptoid, threatening both them and innocent bystanders.  While the 3 super-heroines were taking down the giant robot however, a mysterious character stole Gwen’s inter-dimensional travel watch.  Now the mission is on to get Jessica back to her new born?

Spider-Gwen #7 starts off like you’d expect, the 3 Spider-Women bickering and arguing over what their next move should be and how to approach their dilemma.  After some humorous fails by Gwen trying to establish herself as the leader and a miserable attempt to rob a convenience store by the Bodega Bandit, Cindy decides to take off in search of the Earth-65 version of her family.  Unbeknownst to Gwen and Jessica, the issue then turns into a somewhat of a buddy road trip between the two.

The chemistry between these two super-heroines is fantastic.  We see Jessica’s mother intuition and instincts are kicking in and influencing they way she treats Gwen as well as Cindy.  It causes some drama between Jessica and Gwen and writer Jason Latour is able to provide a strong character moment for Spider-Gwen.  Showing that she takes her great power with great responsibility and takes the duties of being a superhero seriously.

Latour closes the issue with a heartfelt and genuine conversation between Jessica and Gwen’s father, George, where they discuss the difficulties and fears there are of having children.  Jessica was already a great character but by adding the weight of motherhood to her shoulders has made all the stronger.  You really become invested in her in this issue and want to see her reunite with her child.

This issue also provides a bit more context and fleshes out Earth-65 and maybe a hint as to the return of a missing Marvel family since the closing of Secret Wars.

The seventh installment of this series provides another art change, this time Bengal has taken over penciling duties from Robbi Rodriguez and it’s a great fit.  Bengal is able to capture the look and feel of the Earth-65 universe that Rodriguez has established and the designs of Gwen and George Stacy are not jarringly different, they’re still recognizable.  There’s a lot of expression in the art, especially through Cindy’s teenage innocence.  Rico Renzi again produces colorful eye-candy, making this alternate universe look plausible and similar but definitely different from our own.

Final Verdict

Spider-Gwen #7 (again, should be titled Radioactive Spider-Gwen #7) is a solid second chapter into this Spider-Women event of 2016.  While it lacks in driving the overall plot forward, all three female spider powered heroines have their moment to shine in this issue, especially Jessica.  This issue is used primarily to increase readers investment in these characters and accomplishes that mission.  Latour also provides us with some nice laughs and continues to build the Earth-65 universe.  Bengal was a inspired choice to replace Rodriguez for this issue and his style provides a smooth transition.  The third chapter in this crossover event can be found in next week’s Silk #7.

Score: 4 out of 5

Review by Eric Bradach


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