Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #2 Review

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #2
Writer: Kyle Higgins
Pencils: Hendry Prasetya
Colors: Matt Herms
Letters: Ed Dukeshire
Publisher: Boom Studios

After a solid #0 and #1 issue, writer Kyle Higgins keeps the momentum by continuing the story, building character identity, and theme analysis in issue 2.

This issue builds on the cliffhanger from the previous issue where the villain Scorpina, ambushes the Green Ranger, Tommy Oliver, in his own home.  Before the issue tackles this confrontation however, there’s a scene featuring Billy and Trini trying to diagnose the problem with the Dragonzord’s malfunction.  It’s a fairly genuine scene between the two as Billy expresses doubt in his abilities and contributions to the team.  Higgins does a great job of fleshing out Trini’s character, as she was probably the least developed in the show, by showing that she’s a very supportive and caring individual.  One who will search for the positive qualities in a person and is willing to uplift a friend in need.

During the Tommy vs. Scorpina encounter, we see that Rita is still in the Green Ranger’s head.  Placing doubt both in himself and his belief of the other Rangers belief in him.  There are also scenes that present that some of the other Rangers may in-fact have doubt about Tommy’s loyalty, commitment, and mental state.  Higgins also introduces a plot device that only adds to the investment in Oliver’s wellbeing and fear for his future.

In this issue we’re shown that the Rangers do in-fact have parents who care about their well being.  From something as simple to Tommy’s mother wanting to make sure that he’s well fed, to Kimberly’s parents arguing about visitation rights.  You heard that right, divorce problems in a Power Rangers comic and it’s well executed.  It’s just great to see these character explored more and go beyond their stereotypical characteristics they had in the TV-series.

While the art was mixed in the first two issues, the negatives being not capturing the tone of the book at times, the artwork here is outstanding.  Hendry Prasetya settles his pencils to fit the vibe that Higgins’ writing calls for.  The characters and settings are well detailed and capture the likeness of their show’s counterparts.  Matt Herms adjusts to the writing as well with his soft colors.  The fight scene between the Green Ranger and Scorpina takes place in a forrest at night and it looks fantastic.  The dark gloomy forrest works perfect as the bright colored Ranger costumes really stand out and pop off the panels.

Note: This issue continues the bonus story titled The Ongoing Adventures of Bulk & Skull.  In this one we see the two humerously fail in an attempt to impress Kimberly and Trini.

Final Verdict

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #2 is a superb addition to this young series of one of the most beloved franchises of the 1990’s.  Throughout the first 2 issues, Kyle Higgins was able to capture the nostalgia factor but add a new layer of depth to the Power Ranger’s lure and issue #2 ups the ante.  The character’s identities are fleshed out more and we see they’re more complex then their initial formulaic and paint by number personality traits.  The art team seems to have settled into the vibe and tone that the writing calls for and it makes for some great looking fight scenes with the choice of setting.  Issue #2 only increases the investment in the series and will entice readers to return for issue #3.

Score: 4.5 out of 5

Review by Eric Bradach


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