All New X-Men #6 Review

All New X-Men #6
Writer: Dennis Hopeless
Pencils: Mark Bagley
Colors: Nolan Woodard
Letters: Cory Petit
Publisher: Marvel

The ragtag team of teenaged time misplaced X-Men are in a desperate struggle to stop the Blob from rampaging across Paris.  Cyclops tries to reestablish his role as the leader.  Idie confronts her conflicting feelings about being catholic.  Wolverine and Angel grapple with their break up from the previous issue.  All amounting to a fairly satisfying conclusion to a short story arc.

This series shares many of the same strengths and weaknesses as the other ongoing X title, Extraordinary X-Men.  Particularly that the writing has a handle on these characters identities and the interactions between them are fun and intriguing.  However that is weighted down by the story but where as Extraordinary is a frustrating case of rehashing and overused X-Men tropes, All New is a very thin plot with a bit of a silly antagonist in order to develop these characters and advance their relationships.

That is the joy of this series, the characters not the story….. well, I take that back.  The story is fun, it’s just thin and not all that complex.  It’s nothing more than a tool to explore this young team of mutants.  All New X-Men is heading in a similar direction that the New X-Men Academy X was in before its unfortunate cancelation.

Hopeless uses an abundance of inner-monologuing to help readers better understand where these characters are at mentally in its opening pages.  Such as Laura trying to comprehend Angel’s reasoning for breaking up with her or Idie struggling with her religious beliefs.

The action pact issue has a terrific climax that is an extremely strong character moment for Angel.  It’s closing epilogue has an emotional and genuine conversation between Idie and Bobby about religion.  How belief effects one’s personal identity and how a believer deals with nagging contradictions.  The issue ends on revealing what happened to a particular character that Hopeless misdirected readers early on into thinking they’ll be the focal point.

All New X-Men is graced by fan favorite Ultimate Spider-Man artist, Mark Bagley.  This issue is very action heavy as it’s only lacking in the comics final four pages.  This challenging task only highlights Bagley’s storytelling ability as the issue never looses a step in pacing.  The style is keeping in tone with a series capturing the spirit of the previously mentioned New X-Men Academy X.  Add in the addition of Nolan Woodard’s bright and energetic colors and you get an immensely visually pleasing comic book.

Final Verdict

All New X-Men #6 is an enjoyable issue filled with memorable characters interacting with one another and building relationships.  It’s fun action scenes are continuous throughout and is solidly brought to us by a perfect choice of artist.  This is a delightfully pleasurable series that unfortunately will soon be detouring into the Apocalypse Wars crossover, rather than continuing to analyze these memorable and captivating characters.

Score: 4 out of 5

Review by Eric Bradach



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