Low #12 Review

Low #12
Writer: Rick Remender 
Pencils: Greg Tocchini
Colors: Dave McCaig
Letters: Rus Wooton
Publisher: Image

Low is back this month with issue #12.  In this installment, writer Rick Remender turns the story away from the cold depths of the ocean and into the contaminated and scorched surface of the Earth.

Stel and her team have reached what they have been struggling to get to in the previous arc.  After an intense climb atop a canyon that is met with some unwanted visitors along they way, they gaze their eyes upon something that they’d only dreamt about, the Earth’s surface.  Here they plan to find the probe that they hope will hold the location of a new world for humans to inhabit and bring mankind back to what it once was that they’d only heard stories of.  However what they stubble upon the surface and discover what has happened in the mists of mans absence is both jarring but sensible when you really think about it.  It’s a game changer and tackles a subject that has been cleverly ignored throughout the series.  Remender and Tocchini have done a solid job of distracting the reader from even thinking of this with the incredibly complex and captivating world they created.

However, just before the story reveals what has happened to the planet, we see a very touching scene between Stel and Zem.  In a conversation, they both express their desires of what they plan to do once they reach their new world.  The dialogue is genuine and again emphasizes the theme of hope and questioning its place in this world.  There is also talk about myths and legends about what the Earth was like before mankind had to flee to the ocean.  When it is finally revealed as to both how and the state in which the Earth was when they had to escape is both tragic and heartbreaking.  Thinking of this scenario happening in our modern day is like injecting poison to the veins.

As stated before, the theme of hope is still ever present in this issue.  Remender still addresses the thoughts of alienation, failure, and fear of loosing loved ones, however not as heavily as the previous issue.  This issue is more focused on setting the new status quo and what Stel is going to have to face in order to achieve her goal.

Greg Tocchini, what can I say about this guy that hasn’t been said when praising his stellar work in Low.  The sketchy yet detailed penciling continues to be impecable and captures the emotions of both the characters, story, and themes that Remender is addressing.  Dave McCaig’s colors continue to be mesmerizing as the story calls for him to draw away from the cold shades of blues and purples and instead focus on the warm variations of reds, oranges, and yellows.  The script calls for some landscape splash pages and they’re just as captivating as previous issues but this time giving the reader a complete reversal of tone and vibe.

Final Verdict

Low #12 is a solid issue that delves into character development, it’s continuous themes, as well as setting groundwork for future stories.  The genuine conversation between Stel and Zem has authentic dialogue for the situation our characters are in and never feels pretentious, as similar stories sometimes do.  Tocchini and McCaig again work together in harmony and provide us with some frame worthy landscaping shots that are nothing short of grand.  Low is a series that is totally worth checking out.

Score: 4.5 out of 5

Review by Eric Bradach


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