Radioactive Spider-Gwen #6 Review

Radioactive Spider Gwen #6
Writer: Jason Latour
Pencils: Robbi Rodriguez
Colors: Rico Renzi
Letters: Clayton Cowles
Publisher: Marvel

Spider Gwen’s first story arc, “Greater Power” comes to an end.  Although this is actually her second story arc but the first one of this volume and Secret Wars caused this along with other ongoing series to start renumbering at #1 and this is really nothing more then a continuation of Spider Gwen’s first volume and you get the vibe that the whole reason in doing this was to slap on a new #1 on the shelves and…..I’ll stop my self there from digressing into a Secret Wars rant and get back to what you came here for, a comic book review of one of the break out characters of 2014.

After a detour but well worth character driven issue in #5, we get the conclusion in the confrontation between Gwen and Harry Osborn which began in issue #4.  We also see Marvel’s Earth-65’s Captain America’s judgement call on Spider Gwen’s intentions and whether she is for the greater good or not.

The previous issue centered around Gwen’s father George.  The well worth your money issue gave us great parallels between the father and daughter as they are both going through similar situations in their lives.  This issue continues this theme as Spider Gwen is put into a dilemma where she can either choose to take the vengeful route and enforce the power given to her or take the path of forgive and forget, give the one that has committed a wrong a second chance.

The outcome is a mirror image to Spider Gwen’s earlier days when her father was put in a similar situation when he found out about her secret identity.  Latour really has a knack for keeping the themes not only continuing but building upon them in later issues.  It’s just solid writing at its best and the issues final pages between Gwen and her father is so genuine that I didn’t want it to end.

The issue again highlights that like father like daughter is a growing theme in this series and I hope Latour continues it in upcoming issues.

Robbi Rodriguez’s pencils again are top notch here.  His characters are well identifiable and Gwen and George are clearly father and daughter in there appearances.  Rodriguez’s style also has a somewhat punk rock vibe to it which is quite fitting as Gwen is a drummer for a punk band called “The Mary Janes”.  Rico Renzi’s colors are not only eye catching but  they complement Rodriguez’s pencils in glamorous fashion.  Using a wide variety of purples, greens, and reds and effectively drawing the focus on the foreground makes this issue an absolute joy to take your time and simply admire the panels.

Final Verdict

Radioactive Spider Gwen #6 is a great conclusion to an arc that got better and better as it developed.  The growing theme of like father like daughter is a rare one and Latour does an excellent job of brining it to the spotlight.  The conversation between Gwen and her father will leave you wanting more.  Add that on top of tone fitting art and eye drawing colors and you have a comic that is a must buy.

Score: 5 out of 5

Review by Eric Bradach


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