Old Man Logan #3 Review

Writer: Jeff Lemire
Pencils: Andrea Sorrentino
Colors: Marcelo Maiolo
Letters: Cory Petit
Publisher: Marvel

Old Man Logan is back and he’s got back up with him this issue in Kate Bishop(Hawkeye).  Logan continues his quest for revenge and attempt to prevent a tragic future.

One of this issues biggest strengths is the characterization of Logan and Kate Bishop.  Lemire again shows how well he knows these characters and both of them are presented spot on the money.  It’s also one of the strengths of Jeff Lemire’s other Marvel books such as Extraordinary X-Men and All New Hawkeye which I highly recommend as well.  Add that on top of the chemistry between these two dynamic characters and you have an enjoyable read.

The theme of this book is to question your motives.  We know that Logan’s future is very grim and things don’t work out well for him, his family, and the X-Men.  Logan feels absolutely justified in seeking out vengeance on his list and popping out the claws again.  However questions that are brought up by Kate forces both Logan and the reader to question whether the path Logan has chosen is right or wrong.  Has Secret Wars changed the timeline for this character and he is taking revenge on people who will no longer commit the crimes that they would have pre Secret Wars?

The reader is also forced to question whether or not Logan is in the correct universe.  Every character that he’s encountered and has a history with has a different history than he remembers i.e. Hulk, Hawkeye, and Avalanche.  There is also another character which is revealed in the final page and it will be interesting to see what Logan’s reaction to him will be and whether or not his memories match up with what this particular character is up to.

Once again, Sorrentino and Maiolo destroy it on every panel.  Sorrentino’s pencils are so detailed and his use of negative space during a flashback scene is visual eye candy.  He also uses his usual panel within a panel technique during the climax and puts great emphasis on key elements. Maiolo’s colors has a great neo-nior feel to them and is oozing with emotion.

Final Verdict

Old Man Logan #3 is a solid entry to this series and exemplifies how to do a sequel to an already beloved one.  It builds upon the world that the previous series created and goes more in depth as to who this character is but at the same time builds more mystery around them.  The characterization is on point and the final page will bring readers back for the following issue.  Add that on top of artwork filled with emotion and frame worthy panels and you have a comic that is highly recommended.

Score: 4.5 out of 5

Review by Eric Bradach



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