The Goddamned #3 Review

The Goddamned #3
Writer: Jason Aaron
Pencils: R. M. Guera
Colors: Gulia Brusco
Letters: Jared K. Fletcher
Publisher: Image

Jason Aaron is one of the hottest writers in the comic book industry today.  He’s currently working on Marvel’s ongoing Doctor Strange and Mighty Thor titles as well as the companies self titled Star Wars series and in last years November, he’s once again teamed up with Scalped collaborator R. M. Guera to bring us fans The Goddamned.

The story takes place during the days of preparation for the biblical flood and Noah’s Arc.  As you’d imagine, the world is nothing but a damp, cruel, and chaotic wasteland where raiding and pillaging is the everyman’s occupation.  Within this world of wickedness roams a man named Cain who is, depending on who you ask, either blessed or cursed with immortality and so happens to be the offspring of Adam and Eve.  Through previous events he comes across a woman who’s son was captured by raiders and after contemplating back and forth, he inevitably decides to embark on this rescue mission.

As expected, the writing in this issue and those prior have been solid.  Jason Aaron knows how to tell a compelling story at just the right pace.  He knows just how much information to give within each issue for it to be intriguing and at the same time leave enough mystery to keep your investment to come back next month.

The only problem is that there really isn’t a character to identify with or a charismatic one to grab your investment.  While Cain is more interesting then most, he can come off as a bit cliched.  We’ve all seen the badass loaner who has a tortured and suffering past.  Who now looks down on life but through guilt and genuine moments finds hope in humanity.  The key word is execution and while this is well executed, it does come off as a bit stereotypical.  Don’t get me wrong, Cain is by no means a carbon copy of this cliche as it does bring some new elements to it, I was just wishing for a character with more originality.

the one element to stand out in this issue is the artwork.  Guera and Brusco work in unison together here and their depictions of the hash brutality and conditions of this world are captured perfectly.  There’s a scene centered around a camp fire and they use the element of lighting here to its full advantage.  The contrast between the light and the shadows in each panel is used brilliantly as it keeps those in the dark in mystery and builds great atmosphere.  The comic also opens up with a flash back taking place in the Garden of Eden and it’s full of color and light.  Making it all the more damning when we are brought back to the land of marauders.

Final Verdict

The Goddamned #3 does a solid job at both expanding this world and building mystery to it at the same time.  While it does lack a compelling character, the well paced story and atmosphere building artwork is enough to give this issue a recommendation.

Score: 3.5 out of 5

Review by Eric Bradach


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