All-New Inhumans #3 Review

All-New Inhumans #3
 Writers: James Asmus and Charles Soule
 Pencils: Stefano Caselli
 Colors: Andres Mossa
 Letters: Clayton Cowles
 Publisher: Marvel

Crystal and her team of Inhumans continue their investigation of obvious North Korean stand in, the Peoples Republic of Sin-Cong, and the source of the nightmarish visions from the previous issue are revealed.  Asmus’ and Soule’s new series continue to focus on the political and public relations of the Inhumans presence on Earth has created.

While the plot is somewhat predictable and one can easily see where its going, the key word is execution.  The story is just well written and well paced throughout the three issues the series is in so far.  Its also fun just to see a character who’s soul creation was to poke at North Korea leader Kim Jong Un through the Commissar of Sin-Cong.

The books biggest strength is the character of Crystal.  Asmus and Should have done a great job of establishing her as a strong leader who is only getting stronger as the book goes on.  Her dialogue is well written and you really invested in her and want to see her succeed in her mission.

That unfortunately points out the series biggest downfall so far and that’s that the other characters just aren’t interesting enough to gain my investment.  While new characters Naja and Swain both have there moments are a welcome addition, they aren’t very fleshed out.  However, Flint and Grid I just find incredibly boring.  Neither one of them have any distinct character traits and seem to just have been created for the sake of having more Inhuman characters.  I really wished they would have continued using Xiaoyi(Iso), who Soule created in his previous Inhuman series or Frank McGee(Nur) and Auran who worked so well off one another.  There chemistry was so much stronger and enjoyable to follow then these characters.

Stefano Caselli is one of my favorite artist in the business and he doesn’t disappoint in this issue.  He gives each and every character a distinct look to them and always does a great job to convey emotions through facial expressions.  Andres Mossa’s colors compliment the pencils well by making what needs to pop out pop.

Overall, All-New Inhumans #3 is a fairly good continuation of the series.  The enjoyable spy and rescue story, great lead protagonist, and visual eye candy make up for the lack of any memorable and investable side characters.  This issue is worth a pick up to see if you’d be interested in a franchise Marvel is pushing heavily.

Score: 3.5 out of 5

Review by Eric Bradach


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