New Thunderbolts Series Coming Soon

Marvel announced today that a new Thunderbolts on-going series will be come about following the events of Avengers: Standoff.  The creative team behind this will be writer Jim Zub and artist Jon Malin.

This new series will have past Thunderbolt alumni Moonstone, the Fixer, Atlas, and MACH-V.  As well as being led by the Winter Soldier and a new mystery character.  This has always been a unique superhero team as it comprises of mainly reformed super villains and first appeared in 1997’s the Incredible Hulk issue 449.

As one who is not to familiar with this teams history I am intrigued.  A team of former villains trying to make up for past sins can be very interesting and I have become a big fan of Jim Zub this past year do to his indie comic Wayward.  Thunderbolts #1 is set to be released this May.


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