Uncanny X-Men #2 Review

“Bigger threats require more threatening X-Men”.  Writer Cullen Bunn’s and artist Greg Land’s Uncanny X-Men number 2 follows the concequences of this Magneto led X-Men team’s previous mission, intercepting a cargo transport from the Someday Corporation which caused a death by the hands of the Dark Riders.

The issue jumps right into it by showing us that there had been an undercover agent within Someday that has just been uncovered.  Surprise surprise, it’s Mystique and she isn’t working alone as we see.

Later we see Magneto and Psylocke discover that one of the mutants that they freed from the cargo transport has been murdered, by whom they don’t know.  This mutant was a healer and they also catch hold that three other mutant healers have been killed within the last couple of days.  Going by this pattern they search for Josh Foley “Elixir” and Chris Muse “Traige”, two other mutant healers who can very well become targets soon.

Sabertooth and Monet then find Elixir and just as they are trying to explain to him that he is in danger, they’re attacked by the Dark Riders.  The Dark Riders kill several civilians trying to draw Josh out in the open for a clear shot at him.  Elixir being true to his good hearted self tries to heal those who have fallen but is shot in the process and the issue ends with Monet grieving over his dead body.

I’m really enjoying the character interactions in this issue.  The characters are on point, personality wise and the dialogue is solid.  Cullen Bunn is using a cast of charismatic characters that work well off each other and also have a lot of potential as far as were this series can go.  Magneto has always been one of my favorite characters in comics and this series is a great way for Bunn to build off his previous Magneto solo series.  The idea of the Dark Riders hunting mutant healers so that natural selection can play out is faithful to there nature.  As they believe in the whole survival of the fittest mentality.  Overall the writing is very solid.

What doesn’t work unfortunately is the artwork.  Greg Land is one giant black eye when it comes to the integrity of the comic book industry today.  Eventually I will write an editorial about this guy to explain my thoughts more in depth but the short answer is that he plagiarizes.

Score: 3 out of 5

Review by Eric Bradach

So what did you think of Uncanny X-Men #5?  Agree or disagree with the review?  Leave a comment down below and let me know.




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