Steve Rogers Returns

We all new it was coming, the question was simply when and how.

Steve Rogers, the original Captain America will be returning to the iconic mantel this coming summer and will be sporting a new costume and shield.  A shield that is very reminiscent of the original back in 1941’s “Captain America Comics #1″.  The announcement was made on during Tuesday’s Marvel’s Captain America: 75 Heroic Years” special on ABC.

The timing seems to be positioned with the release of the Captain America: Civil War movie which is set to hit theaters May 6, 2016.  Similarly to the return of Peter Parker as Spider Man in 2014 with the release of the Amazing Spider Man 2.

The new Captain America series will be titled “Captain America:Steve Rogers much like the series following the man who took over his mantel, “Captain America:Sam Wilson, during Steve’s leave of absence.  The creative team will be headed by writer Nick Spencer(Ant Man, Superior Foes of Spider Man, and Captain America:Sam Wilson) and artist Jesus Saiz(Green Lanter Lost Army and Swamp Thing).

However, don’t think that this means that Wilson will be handed the shield back to Rogers.  It turns out that this All New All Different Marvel Universe is going to be operating with two Captain Americas in action.

What this seems to be heading towards is a Captain America vs Captain America storyline. Back in June of last year, a large number of Marvel previews were leaked for the upcoming “All New All Different Marvel” with covers and tag lines attached to the different series.  In the Captain America preview it had a picture of Rogers and Wilson with there backs turned walking away from each other with the tag line “who do you stand with”.

So, what do you think of the return of Steve Rogers?  Do you think this is leading to a Cap vs Cap storyline?  What do you think of the new costume and shield?



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