Jessica Jones Season 2 Announced

The hit Marvel Netflix series, based on one of the comic book publishers most mature series “Alias”, will return for a second season. The announcement came from NETFLIX’s Chief Content Officer, Ted Sarandos, at a Television Critics Association event on this past Sunday. No date on the release of the second season was given however.

The series has been met with critical acclaim from both its writing and performers.  The shows lead Krysten Ritter has been nominated for a Critics Choice Award for best actress in a drama series.  Which is really nice to see an established award group is treating a series based on a comic book seriously.

I myself have not finished the 13 episode first season yet, 4 episodes in, but have been enthusiastically impressed.  I’m one of the few viewers who have probably read the entire Alias series before the Netflix show aired and it only adds to the experience.  So far I can confirm it’s not a carbon copy of the comic but it is definitely paying homage to it.  Which is all for the better IMO, as I prefer not knowing whats going to happen in a TV show before I watch it.  What matters to me is if the characters identity and personality stay true to the source material and this series does it beautifully.

So what are your thoughts on a second season of Netflix’s Jessica Jones?  What are your thoughts on the first season?  Is it a hit or miss?




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